Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Appeasement cakes

I put too much smoked paprika in the bean and squash stew.

Buns cooling, butter softening, squash & bean casserole simmering
Cakes cooling, butter softening and stew simmering

I know that come tea time tonight, the paprika will be even more pungent and the children will moan and sigh because they do not like spicy food.  And then I will moan and sigh because I do like spicy food, and I cooked it for tea, and so please just eat it without complaining, just this once.  You know how it goes.

So I decided that it might be a good tactic to make something more crowd-pleasing for pudding.  I made some fairy cakes.  You can see the production line above: cakes cooling, butter softening to make the icing, and spicy stew simmering very gently.

I iced the cakes with rosewater buttercream, and decorated them with pink chocolate buttons.  Double pink appeasement cakes; hidden away in a tin for now, until everyone has eaten their veg.

Pink rosewater buns
Pink crowd pleasers


  1. You are an inspiration at planning ahead. I'd even eat brussel sprouts for one of those beauties!

  2. I don't like spicy much either........ can I just have the bun. and as for pink chocolate buttons, where oh where did you get those!

  3. Sounds like our kind of spicy. We love too much smoked paprika. We like fairy cakes too.

  4. I'm ashamed. It was too hot to cook last night. Mine got a sandwich (but the first local strawberries as appeasement).

  5. I empathise with your spicy food predicament, though with me it's my attempts to eat less meat. But she doesn't like cakes any more than beans so I'd have to come up with an alternative appeasement.

  6. My children have a 'princess and the pea' sensitivity to spice, anything approaching a touch of chilli heat and they down cutlery. In desperation I can be found mixing yoghurt into stews. I'm impressed your children will eat squash, mine refuse despite growing their own! xx


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