Monday, 28 May 2012

Lunchtime in Southwark

I love London
Gazing over to St Paul's from outside the Globe Theatre

Seen and overheard at Bankside in the sunshine today:
  • two German teenage girls wearing gladiator sandals and heavy backpacks, doubled up with hysterical laughter
  • a school party, neat in pale blue and grey uniforms, walking in an impressively ordered crocodile
  • a tall, fair, curly-headed man going for his lunchtime run - with a long, lolloping stride like a labrador
  • a young man on a pink Brompton bike, weaving in and out of the crowds
  • a middle-aged woman with red, round-toed shoes, speaking to someone precious on the phone: "Oh you darling girl! I've been so very worried about you."
  • office workers in suits without jackets, turning their faces towards the blue skies and drinking in the sun
  • a lady wearing a buttercup yellow shirt, sucking deeply on her iced coffee
  • an American woman running after an elderly man striding purposefully towards the pier, calling after him, "Dad, please let me pay for this - you've done so much already."
  • a young woman easing off her shoe and wincing as she examined a blister on her heel
  • two young men chatting enthusiastically about the step class they'd just been to
Heading back to the office


  1. I do love these posts - I feel just as if I'd been there with you.

  2. I always love these posts xx

  3. Yup what Dottycookie, Ali & Sue said! I always wonder do you jot these things down or do you just have a wonderful memory?

  4. What wonderful observances, you conjure up the scene beautifully

  5. I love these lists - you are so observant! x


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