Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Changing footwear
Changing footwear, in the car park

Gill and I took a break from our usual routines to meet back up in Epping Forest for a lunchtime walk and picnic.  Oh, we have missed this - so much.

Trees and grass in Epping Forest

We were surrounded by green - oak trees and beech trees, thick grass, nettles, caterpillars and brambles.  Epping Forest is lush, thick and sumptuous at this time of year.

Dappled shade in Epping Forest

Connaught Water

Trees and skies in Epping Forest

Bank of pinky purple flowers

We strolled, chatted, laughed, ate lunch, compared sunburn, reminisced and swapped stories.  And when we left we both promised each other we would do this again - very soon.


  1. Can I come next time? It looks so lush and green and gorgeous!

  2. I miss our walks too - glad we've got our mojo back!

  3. Oh Epping Forest looks divine! And love the Birks too. K x

  4. How lovely, I remember days spent in Epping Forrest, a quiet oasis.

  5. Looks lovely - not too boiling, not too wet.

  6. I love the tales of your walks (almost as much as your pink birkies)!


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