Monday, 14 May 2012

Three blue tops - one of which is red

I'm making new tops for the summer - because I fancied doing some sewing over the weekend and also because I yearned to see something different in my wardrobe.

New top for summer
Pattern adapted from Trapeze sundress in Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross

This red spotty top should have been navy blue and floral.  The fabric which I used as the trim, should have been the main fabric and the red spots should have been the trim.  But as I pinned and cut the beautiful blue fabric so enthusiastically, I failed to notice that I had pinned the front piece with the wrong edge against the fold.  When I unfolded it I realised what I'd done and that I had wrecked the whole metre of fabric.

I stared at what I'd done, willing the fabric to knit itself back together as if by magic and present me with a whole, uncut piece again.  But I don't have those sort of powers, and the blue fabric remained ruined.

New blue top - that ended up red and spotty

Fortunately I had plenty of the red spotty fabric, so I switched things around and it became red with blue trim rather than blue with red.  I like it, and I've cheered up now.  I will wear this all summer - it looks great with jeans and I have cardigans and long sleeved tops which match it. still should have been blue.

I'm taking MUCH more care over the cutting out of my other blue tops-in-progress.

New blue dress - cut up and ready to sew

The pastel, scalloped fabric in the picture above is going to become a summery sundress with nice big pockets.

New blue top being planned

This very precious, and strokably lovely, Anna Maria Horner voile is going to become a floaty, raglan-sleeved top.  I will check about ninety-five times before I cut it out that the pieces are on the right way round. 

I will also remember to add seam allowances before I start cutting, because I will be using an Ottobre pattern where the seam allowances are not included.

I WILL remember.  I will.  Definitely.


  1. the top is very lovely! and so will the others be. I have some fabric waiting for me to make into a top, I am much to scared to mess it up to even start........

  2. I do like that top, even if it isn't as planned. And I have the very same pattern, hmmmm.

    Bit as for the Ottobre one, what's up with not including seam allowances? Eeeeeek!

  3. It's a fabulous top ... if you hadn't told us we'd all be saying 'great choice of accent fabric'!

  4. Lovely top and wonderful fabric! And yay for not giving up after making that mistake, but instead saving the day by creating something else with it.

  5. Looking good there, posing on that chair.

    (I know, I'm a poet!)

  6. Oooh it's the Amy Butler fabric! K x

  7. It looks lovely - as do your other "blue" fabrics! Bet you can find something pretty to make with the mis-cut blue?!


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