Friday, 4 May 2012

Outrageous flirting

Flirty peacock

In Kew Gardens this morning, this peacock was doing some outrageous flirting.  I couldn't see any peahens in the area, so maybe it was all for my benefit? (more likely he was keeping the other males in the area away from his territory). 

It was a damp and gloomy day in West London today, and this peacock was a welcome splash of colour. I inched towards him, as close as I dared, and he shimmied his behind to shake out his tail feathers just a little bit more.  I'm sure he was posing for the camera.  He turned this way and that, and let me take more than a dozen pictures.

And then, when he'd had enough of me, he just turned around and strutted away.  I think I like his tail even more from behind, as a black, white and sepia version of the more common front view.

Flirty peacock from behind!

Some harmless flirting is always enjoyable - thank you Mr Peacock, for making me smile on a grey day.


  1. I always enjoy the noise the feathers make as they shake them. Pride with reason!

  2. I hope he's still in the mood on 16th June.

  3. Tsk! These males and their macho ways ; )

  4. The perfect contrast to the gray and drizzle! K x


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